I am starting this blog because I’m tired of the way  Irish travelers are depicted in the US and UK. Not just the Irish, but the English and maybe the Scots too, lol. No really, all travelers. I know that travelers can be a wee bit clannish but you would be too if you were so discriminated against. As in all societies, there are your good and your bad. As so with travelers, unfortunately, all we hear about are the bad.  I was hoping I could hear from some of you, no names need be mentioned, but I would like to know if you’re from the US or the UK. Just out of curiosity, and because I’m nosy like that. I am Irish ya know! O.K., well here we go, I’m asking that you please be patient with me this is my first blog and I have no idea what I’m doing really. So, if I have already offended someone please except my apology now, I never meant too .


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